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Layer is one of the leading innovators in the financial technology space, offering a broad range of products, solutions and services for retail banks, corporate banks, Islamic banks, credit unions, insurance companies and non-financial institutions.

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how it all began


Our story starts back in 2011 working under the Ubanquity brand where we delivered technology solutions to financial institutions across the MENA region.

Having spent 10 years working with financial institutions day-in, day-out, we decided to build a digital banking platform that would accelerate financial inclusion and digital transformation.

In line with the launch of our new Digital Banking Platform, we decided to rebrand and give our company a fresh feel.

New platform. New brand. New purpose.  

So, in 2021, Layer was born.

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a global

We’ve been a remote-first company from day one. Our team hail from all four corners of the world enabling us to be agile, innovative and knowledgeable to different cultures and traditions.

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We've changed our name from Ubanquity to Layer